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Parks and Gardens

The Piquio Gardens are a vantage point which leads to the First and Second Beaches of El Sardinero. From here, one can see the Upper (Cabo Mayor, Mouro Island and Magdalena Palace.


El Sardinero, parallel to the second Beach, is also home to Mesones Park. Located at the foot of the University of Cantabria, this park, which is the city’s main green area, features a wide variety of trees, as well as birds and a lake.


Mataleñas Park is another exceptional spot, located on a hill from which one can access to Mataleñas Golf Course, an ideal place for those who love relaxation as well as peace and quiet. The Mataleñas path, which borders the Lower Cape and extends to the Upper Cape Lighthouse, is perfect for strolling and taking in the views offered by cliffs.

Located in the city centre are the Pereda Gardens, a true symbol of the city which hosts various literary events in the spring and summer, such as the Book fair, Old Book Fair and Roman Medieval Markets. We can also enjoy other green areas, such as the Water Park, La Alameda and Doctor Morales Park.


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