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A bonfire on the Sardinero Beach

If there is one season that characterises Santander, it is summer. This is when Santander’s cultural, artistic and tourism activity reaches its peak.

In June, the city host the San Juan festivities, complete with a bonfire on El Sardinero beach.

The wave baths

The Baños de Ola (Wave Baths) are held during the month of July and recreates the origins of Santander as a city – spa in the 19th century. It is a celebration of Regional Tourist Interest which features sports activities, performances for all audiences and competitions.


The big week

La Semana Grande –The Big Week-, which commemorates the Santiago Apostol holiday, is well known and anticipated by many. It includes all types of events, music concerts and the bull festival held in the renowned Cuatro Caminos bullring, one of the prime examples of the passion for bullfighting exists in northern Spain. One can also enjoy the culinary delights of the Feria de Dia – Day Fair- and the fireworks displays.

The lighthouse pilgrimage

The Romeria del faro (Lighthouse Pilgrimage), various events at the Sardinero Auditorium and “La Semanuca” – small week- are held in August.

There are also musical events, theatrical performances, children games and a Roman Fair to honour Santander’s patron saints; Saint Emeterius and Saint Celedonius.


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