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Maritime Museum

In the heart of Santander’s bay, on the seafront, the new Maritime Museum of the Cantábrico Sea offers the visitors one of the richest and most interactive exhibits, including those dedicated to the sea and to the men who dedicated their whole existence to deal with it.

In this modern aquarium and in the more than three thousand square meters of exhibition is shown all the ways of man’s relation with the sea over the time.


The collections of Maritime Museum of the Cantábrico Sea started in the eighteenth century and as time passed by it has been enriched by distinguished groups such as the Free Institution of Education, the Nautical School of Santander, the Spanish Institute of Oceanography and the Montańes Study Centre.

The high value and exciting range of its funds have allowed the museum to structure the exhibition programme in four big sections.

  • Life at sea (Marine Biology)
  • Fishermen and sea tools (Ethnography of the Fisherman)
  • The Cantábrico Sea and the influence of the Sea in the history (History)
  • Pioneer Technology at the sea (Technology) - through which they are displayed, from different points of view, all issues affecting the Cantábrico Sea and its projection towards to the world.


Educational workshops are geared to the content of the museum and it is about to consolidate the knowledge in the four main areas on which you move through the Museum when visiting it; biology, history, ethnography and technology. These workshops also include a nice sailing crossing along the beautiful bay of Santander.


Four Levels

The Museum has four levels:

UNDERGROUND LEVEL: Life at the sea

  • Visitors have the opportunity to explore the deep ocean waters showing in large aquarium tanks where many of the Cantábrico Sea fauna lives. After that, you can visit the first permanent Spanish sea laboratory dedicated to study (1886-1914), explain and describe the great diversity of underwater life.

MAIN LEVEL: Audiovisual Presentations

  • Visitors will enjoy an audiovisual presentation about the Cantábrico Sea.
  • In the multipurpose room workshops and activities are daily held.
  • At the bookshop you can buy written information about the Museum.
  • There is also a nice Restaurant facing Santander’s bay.

FIRST LEVEL: Fishermen and sea tools

This section deals with fishing people. It begins with the presence of the first communities that faced the marine environment. The craft, boats, the peculiar ways of life and the social organization, as well as, the arrangements for canning and selling their products completes this view.

SECOND LEVEL: The Cantábrico Sea

The influence of the Sea in the history and the technology of the age.

  • The Maritime activity has been at least during two thousand years an important factor, both in articulation in space, and economic improvement of this coastal area. From this sea, many ships and seamen left to all the horizons of the planet. Trade, scientific expeditions, coastal defence in the war, are some of the aspects which are explained by interactive exhibits.

  • Leading Technology of the sea. The Naval industry and pioneering men had development navigation procedures and underwater instruments to be able to get into this hostile environment.


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