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Must-see attractions

The city features numerous must-see attractions, including the Cathedral, Magdalena Palace, the square Plaza Porticada, Banco the Santander building, Gran Casino del Sardinero and the more modern Palacio de Festivales cultural centre and the Exhibition and Sport Centres.

One must not forget the various museums, like the Museum of Fine Arts, Cantabrian Maritime Museum, Menendez Pelayo Library Museum, “Faro Cabo Mayor” Art Centre, Prehistory Museum and old Quays of Santander Interpretation Centre.


Buildings of great interest

Following a route which starts from El Sardinero, we come upon buildings of great interest, such as the Gran Casino del Sardinero and Magdalena Palace, located in the Peninsula with the same name.

From 1913 to 1930, Magdalena Palace was the summer home of the King Alfonso XIII and Queen Victoria Eugenia. The Caballerizas Reales- Royal Mews- were built in 1915. Today they have been converted into a student residence for Menendez Pelayo International University. Presently, the Magdalena Palace facilities are used to host cultural events and conferences.


An avant-garde architecture

Continuing along our path, we travel down Paseo Reina Victoria, which runs along the bay. We then arrive to the Palacio de Festivales Cultural Centre, a building featuring avant-garde architecture designed by Javier Sáenz de Oiza.

Upon existing this structure, the beautiful and well kept Puertochico Area begins with the streets of Castelar, Paseo de Pereda and Sardinero. Very close by we come upon the square Plaza de Pombo and the Eastern Market, built by Antonio Zabaleta in 1839.


The city centre

Further down, walking towards the City Hall, we arrive to the Plaza Porticada, where the Caja Cantabria bank, Regional Government Office and Local Tax Administration buildings are located. The Post Office, Pereda Gardens, Bank of Spain and Santander Cathedral are also in this area.

The Cathedral is comprised of two Gothic churches, one built over another. The lower church, Iglesia del Santisimo Cristo, was built during the first third of the 8th century. The upper church, the current Cathedral Basilica, was built during the rest of that century and was partially rebuilt and expanded after the fire that damaged the city in 1941. The complex is rounded off with a 14th century cloister.


Menéndez Pelayo Library

The Museum of Fine Arts is located nearby and houses various exhibitions. It is part of the same architectural complex that contains the Menéndez Pelayo Library and House Museum, which concludes the route of Monuments through the city of Santander. One can also see these attractions by walking through the shopping area of the streets Calle Burgos, and Alameda de Oviedo towards the Cuatro Caminos bullring, opened in 1820.


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