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Our teachers are all well qualified in Spanish Language, as a second language. They work as a team preparing the course material and participating in all the activities. They are dedicated, motivated and interested in each student’s progress.

The environment in the school is friendly and relaxed. Teachers share ideas and they are also actively involved in all the different aspects of the school life.

In our conference room, guest speakers give talks on language topics and on subjects of International interest that students discuss later in their classes.

During the course at Delta Language School, you will experience a variety of different ways of learning Spanish. Some of them will be familiar and others new and challenging. However, you can be sure that every activity has been carefully planned and thought out to provide the best learning experience for you.

Interesting and worthwhile lessons


Our experienced teachers always consult their students and then tailor courses to fulfil your requirements using a variety of interesting material such as videos, cassettes, handouts, course books, and all kinds of authentic and published materials. Every effort is made to provide stimulating, up-to-date classes that are relevant to you.

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