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Course Content


Lessons are usually based around a number of topics, for example: Travel, Family, Education, Sports, Free time, Work and Jobs and Life in Spain. Topics can be changed according to your needs.

Skill Areas

Speaking We use role-play, parallel situations, dialogues, debates, activities for fluency and pronunciation exercises
Listening The use of authentic, published audiovisual material with plenty of listening practice will increase your understanding of spoken Spanish and will help you to communicate more effectively.
Reading The use of a variety of authentic and published texts, as well as helping you with effective reading strategies will enrich your vocabulary and you will be able to read with greater understanding
Writing Lessons include writing for communicative purposes, such as reports, mini-essays, business letters and personal writing. Some of this work can be done as homework.


The four language skills; Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing have grammatical structure in context. These structures are introduced and reviewed according to your needs.


Vocabulary is also an important part of our lessons and is introduced according to the new topic studied. We also give you the appropriate advice on how to memorise, learn and activate your vocabulary effectively.


Whilst using some study visits as part of your course, we can also arrange study visits to suit your individual needs according to your job or areas of interest, e.g. visits to hospitals, schools, factories.






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