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Spanish courses for teachers

Courses for non-native teachers of Spanish

These Spanish courses are designed in accordance with the budgets established by the Council of Europe related to teacher training.

Teaching ability includes a range of communication, intercultural and learning skills.

The objective of this course is to provide the non-native Spanish teacher with ideas that stimulate their creativity in the classroom, using all kinds of educational resources, and assist them in the process of perfecting the Spanish language.

Methodology and didactic sessions can include:

  • Vocabulary learning
  • Recycling
  • Learner autonomy
  • Motivating learners to speak
  • Project work in the classroom
  • The use of drama and role-play
  • Different ways of teaching Spanish grammar
  • Language awareness activities
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Refresh your knowledge

When we organise each course at Delta Language School we take into account the teacher's level in the Spanish language as well as the age of the pupils their teaching is aimed at.

If requested in advance, these courses can be offered at any time of the year and normally last two weeks. Longer or shorter courses are also available.

At Delta Language School we know that each teacher is different and, therefore, we are flexible and adapt the course to their needs. Our “Teacher Refresher Courses” can have a specific focus, if you like, on any linguistic area that interests you.


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Course Content

GENERAL SPANISH Refresh your Spanish in courses of an advanced level in which discussions take place to improve your oral comprehension, fluency, the construction of phrases and the acquisition of new vocabulary, without neglecting working techniques and grammatical skills.


The emphasis is on practical, interactive activities adapted for immediate use in your own classroom including:

  • The Lexical Approach
  • Learner Styles
  • Multiple Intelligence Theory
  • NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Training) and Spanish Language Teaching
  • Learner Training
  • Learner Autonomy
  • Pronunciation
  • Task Based Learning
  • Planning and Preparation
  • Building oral fluency and storytelling
  • Spanish Literature in the Language Classroom
  • Video
  • Different approaches to Spanish grammar
  • Writing activities and Analysing errors
  • Music in the Spanish Language Classroom
  • Drama and Role Play
  • Classroom Spanish Language
  • Using L1 in the Spanish Language Classroom
  • Exploiting and Integrating Authentic Materials
  • Project work.

SPANISH CULTURE This component will help you to gain a greater understanding of Spanish culture and the customs of the Spanish, whilst also widening your knowledge of the language and is very useful for those who need to work on a related project


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Tailored Courses

For closed groups we can create a Teachers' Course with a particular focus, (eg a course with an emphasis on a Specific Text-book Language Teaching). Please contact us for further details.


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Comenius Funding

One of the objectives of the EU with the Comenius programme is to promote language learning and intercultural awareness

If you are a teacher of Spanish as a foreign language in an EU country, you can request a grant of up to 1500 euros through the Comenius Programme applied to teacher training courses. The grant is to cover the fees of the refresher course, travelling expenses to Spain and living expenses.

If you are interested in this subsidized course, Delta Language School will assist you in following the necessary procedures by sending you a pre-enrollment document from Spain that you must present in the Comenius National Agency in your country together with your application form. In addition, you must submit a detailed description of the Spanish course that will also be provided to you by Delta Language School.


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