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Legal Spanish Courses

Legal Spanish Courses

Learning Spanish has become an essential skill for professionals working within the legal field.

The main focus of this specialised Spanish course will be learning legal and documental terminology.

Role-play of legal situations, along with analysis of real facts, will provide the student with a greater understanding and use of legal proceedings in a Spanish context.

Delta Language School has designed this Spanish course in Spain, especially for Law students, lawyers, legal assistants, and other legal professionals.

Communication in Spanish, even at a basic level, will help the Law professional to improve the service they offer their Spanish-speaking clients.


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Programme and Legal Spanish Course Options

The daily timetable of classes is flexible enough to allow you to dedicate the time you choose to other activities outside the classroom; this can be individually, if you prefer, or in the company of your teachers or your fellow students at Delta Language School within the programme of activities.

The programme includes:

  • Use of Spanish in cases of different jurisdictions.
  • Simulations of dealing with supposed clients
  • Programmed visit of the Spanish pupil to a Court in Santander.
  • Exchange of working experiences with Spanish legal colleagues who work
    in Spain in the same speciality. (Optional)

The programme includes:

  • Standard Spanish Course + Private classes in legal Spanish.
    (This option is recommended for students who have not yet reached an intermediate level in Spanish).
  • Legal Spanish language classes in a specific group (In-company Group)
  • Private classes exclusively for learning legal Spanish

Choose the number of hours spent on specific classes each week.

If you want more or less classes than are indicated donīt hesitate to contact us.


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Juridical Language Skills

The framework of practices for learning the Legal Spanish Course consists of the following areas:

  • Proceedings and Constitutional Law on Judicial Power
  • Jurisdiction: Spanish, procedural, civil, penal, administrative,
    commercial, and other types of Constitutional Law
  • Role-play of legal situations
  • Analysis of real facts
  • Simulated telephone calls related to practical cases
  • Use of legal proceedings in a Spanish context
  • Working habits and comparative Law
  • Reading and translating legal texts
  • Legal advice to clients

Also, when professionals meet with their clients and colleagues they often discuss wider issues such as:

  • Socio-cultural issues
  • Legal praxis
  • Ethics and Jurisprudence
  • Education and Training
  • Legal Reforms

In the Legal Spanish Language classroom specific legal vocabulary and grammatical structures are used, in a generative and functional way, respectively, so as to achieve a series of communication strategies, or useful phrases, applied to the practice of Law:

  • Appropriate questions (Defence)
  • Interrupt
  • Clarify and confirm
  • Demonstrate
  • Summarize and convince
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