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Intensive Courses

Learn Spanish effectively as fast as possible

We build our courses to fulfil your needs so what you learn is useful immediately and exactly what you required to improve your Spanish.

It is ideal for people who have little time and want to progress as quickly as possible.

The average age is generally higher than for the general course and the students tend to be highly motivated.

With the Intensive Course the student will get:

  • 2 more hours of lessons per day. (There is a maximum
    of 8 students in the group)
  • Reinforce the linguistic concepts learnt during the morning classes
  • Get more fluency and confidence when speaking
  • A general improvement of all communicative skills
  • The student will also get the opportunity to work on a
    particular topic of interest to them

This course is generally complemented with aspects of cultural interest on Spain and Latin America, as we know that good teaching is not enough; to learn Spanish effectively, it is also necessary to be aware of sociocultural factors that provide an in-depth explanation of the structural and semantic elements of the Spanish language.


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Increase your vocabulary

Every time we use a single word in different contexts we strengthen our memorisation. It is thought that to start speaking Spanish a minimum of 500 words is needed. With the Intensive Spanish Course, gradually, your Spanish vocabulary will expand, increasing your level of communicative ability.

The key of to good memorisation lies in repetition. In the intensive course, by dedicating more time during classes to practising Spanish, you will achieve a reinforcement that is extremely positive for your learning process.


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Speak with fluency

In the intensive course, Spanish is used in different situations. This helps the student to acquire more self-confidence, by realizing how much quicker and more effective their progress is.

In this way, by practising speaking, the pauses between words gradually become shorter, thereby achieving fluency.


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Tell us what interests you

In the intensive course the student can suggest to the teacher, with the consensus of the group, to cover an area of interest to them, whether it is related to their profession, current affairs, culture in general, hobbies….

When the development of the class is focused on a topic that interests the student, they will logically be more motivated and interested in taking part, thereby favouring their learning considerably.


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